Find the Best Android Apps with SmartAppFinder™

Looking for new apps to make your Android device an even more useful or entertaining companion?
With the vast number of apps available, there is a good chance there is an app for whatever it is you need to do. But how can you easily find high quality apps, without spending lots of time and money, and without putting your privacy and security at risk?

SmartAppFinder™ now offers a great way to find apps that people really like and use. As a bonus, it also informs you about special deals: limited-time discounts available for popular apps today.
All our recommendations are based on usage data submitted by our users, or collected from publicly available sources, completely neutral and unbiased.

Get tailor-made app recommendations

Everyone knows recommendation schemes such as "customers that bought item A also bought item B." SmartAppFinder™ takes this approach a step further: We do not only consider which apps are installed alongside each other, we also take into account if an installed app is being actively used. Any app installed, run a few times and forgotten won't make good scores in our recommendation list.

Save money with our daily app deals

Almost every day there are some publishers of paid Android apps that offer special discounts for a limited time. SmartAppFinder™ instantly informs you about all available special offers.

Never miss a great deal for Android apps again!

How does SmartAppFinder know which apps I like?

SmartAppFinder's recommendations are based on the apps you and other people with similar preferences really like and use.

Our servers collect app usage data from a large number of Android devices each day. This data is refined to identify popular apps that people actively use, and to analyze how apps relate to each other. Based on this statistical information, we are able to make tailor-made app recommendations exactly matching your individual preferences.

Using SmartAppFinder™ is give and take: you submit a list of applications you have installed and used, and in return receive recommendations based on similar data submitted by thousands of other Android users.

To protect you privacy, we have taken pains to make sure that the app usage data you submit is not identifiable or traceable to a particular Android device.

We protect and respect your privacy!

SmartAppFinder™ does not track individual users. All usage data is collected anonymously and aggregated only for statistical purposes. Our data cannot be related to an individual person, device, or IP address.

Your feedback is welcome!

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